Ultrasonic welding machine for pencil box

Ultrasonic welding machine for pencil box

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1.Power: 2600W

2.Welding cycle: ~6s/pcs



1.self mould manufacturing workshop, capable of USA 7075#, 6061# alloy aluminum mould model;

2. Titanium alloy grading pole, solid and endurable;
3. Rectangle vertical pole, linear guide shaft, precision micro-adjustment;
4. It has adopted with Philips power tube to assure its output power of ultrasonic;
5. It has adopted with soleplate adjustment structure, the adjusted mould is easy to operate;
6. Precision ball bearing, air pressure frame, simple mould position;

Work characteristics:

Quick —- each welding time 0.01-9.99 seconds.
Strength to withstand large pulling force, high pressure.
Quality —- watertight, airtight, hermetically welded, not to hurt the plastic pieces during welding.
Economic —- without screws, glue. Reduce labor, low cost.
Power Output 1000W 1200W 1500W 1800W 2000W
Oscillation Frequency 20KHz
Voltage 50/60Hz  220V AC/1P  10A
Strok 350mm
Travel 75mm
Motor Spring Screw-Knob
Output Time 0.01~9.99S Adjustable
Cooling System Fan Cooling
Welding size ç80 ç90 ç120 ç160 ç190


high power plastic welding machine and other precision welding equipment: double-head plastic welder, six-head plastic welder, hollow plastic box welding machine, fence tube welding machine, hot plate plastic welding machine, rotary plastic welding machine, car door welding machine, car dashboard welding machine, car bumper welding machine, we also design and produce other non-standard automated plastic welding equipment for our customer. 15 KHz normative ultrasonic welding machine conducts ultrasound to the plastic parts by the welding head melts the point contact between the parts, creating a joint. This technology has the advantages of rapid and strong, more importantly, it can make the manufacturing automatic. Ultrasonic welding machine can be used for welding, implanting, forming, riveting, spot welding, removaling, and sewing.

1.Toy Industry : toy gun, telephone, rag baby, general plastic toys.
2. Electronics: Glue watchcase, nylon strap, computer, sound box bag shell, mobile phone battery
3. Light industry: Rear lamp, cornering lamp, averting mirror, etc.
4. Packing industry: Cosmetic box, PVC box, toothpaste tubes, etc.
5. General commercial products: Typewriter ribbon, video box, tape box, computer disks, etc.

Enquiry information include product size,drawing and requirements.