Ultrasonic welding machine for humidifier case

Ultrasonic welding machine for humidifier case

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2.Welding cycle: ~6s/pcs

3.Water tight after welding.


The ultrasonic welding machine is suitable for mobile shell welding, charger welding, CF card, battery shell welding, U disk welding, SD card welding, adapter welding, USB connector welding, Bluetooth welding, folder welding, photo album welding, watch welding, kitchen utensils welding, mobile accessories welding, gold brush welding, folding box welding. , PP hollow plate welding, pen sleeve welding, ink box welding, hanger welding etc. plastic products welding.


1. casting aluminum alloy base, super thick seamless steel pipe column, rigid, no deformation under pressure.
2. with current overload protection, adjust the machine easily and conveniently.
3. original Japanese piezoceramic transducer, Huang steel alloy ultrasonic horn.
4. electronic frequency tracking, integrated alphabet circuit board


Advantages :

1, the manual frequency regulation is not convenient, automatic detection frequency is activated, and it is more convenient and simple to use.
2. The built-in parameters are digitized by computer, and the amplitude is automatically compensated. The amplitude and power of the load are magnified synchronously when the load is heavier. Thus, the transducer and the welding head die are effectively protected, and the welding precision is higher.
3, the power output adopts the digital stepless linear regulation. The output power is selected freely from 50% to 100%. The full bridge IGBT module is used to enlarge the internal power. The ultrasonic conversion rate is high and the maximum ultrasonic power can reach 7200W, which can meet the requirements of all kinds of welding.
4, more advanced protection circuit, output acoustic wave overload, die sudden rupture overload, built-in computer detection circuit in a very short time cut out the output, thus protecting the internal circuit;
5. High speed handover of up to 135 times per minute can be used to weld various non-standard automation equipment.
6, the operation interface can be selected in Chinese or English, and foreign purchasing is more convenient.
7, the electric box control wiring is very simple, the rear two air plug, the 30MM2 foot of the sound wave output, the 25MM7 foot starting switch and the quick stop switch, plug in the power can work; electric box volume smaller



Used for toys, electronic, plastic bags and small rubber pieces of welding and forming.
Ultrasonic Welding designed for ABS/PE/PC/PS/PVC/PP material Ultrasonic welding;
ABS-PC complex welding,acrylic Ultrasonic welding etc,can weld the series products as below:

1.Toy Industry : toy gun, telephone, rag baby, general plastic toys.
2. Electronics: Glue watchcase, nylon strap, computer, sound box bag shell, mobile phone battery
3. Light industry: Rear lamp, cornering lamp, averting mirror, etc.
4. Packing industry: Cosmetic box, PVC box, toothpaste tubes, etc.
5. General commercial products: Typewriter ribbon, video box, tape box, computer disks, etc.

Enquiry information include product size,drawing and requirements.