2.Can choose suitable frequency and power for different products.

3.Delivery time is about 2 weeks.


Automatic ultrasonic welding machine with digital generator, 20khz is using high quality generator box, long working life electronic parts, automatic setting frequency, high welding power suitable for welding many kinds of electronics, toys, usb case, plastic parts and so on.

Automatic ultrasonic welding machine use:
1. Automatic rotary ultrasonic welding machine by ultrasonic principle, combined with production welding needs, by controlling the ultrasonic welding machine slicer, automatic continuous ultrasonic welding, automatic rotary ultrasonic welding machine suitable for high-volume manufacturers of welding products, help to improve efficiency, and an optional ultrasonic welding robot reclaimer form of automated production lines.

2. Automatic rotary ultrasonic welding machine features:
a. Ultrasonic welding machines use high-precision segmentation, with reasonable ultrasound features, powerful ultrasonic welding is good. Optional PLC programmable HMI control system, extremely easy to use. Ultrasonic welding machine with optional automatic unloading robot system, without human reclaimer. Ultrasonic welding machine is equipped with wheels and foot cups, easy to move. Chrome table and spraying chassis, beautiful and practical.

b. Automatic rotary welding machine using the original high-Q resonator, high-precision segmentation, reliable quality and stable performance. Welding other products, you only need to replace the different molds can be done ultrasonic welding. Multi-position automatic turntable ultrasonic welding machine, 3-12 stations to choose from, the linear guide bearings, precision fine-tuning device, corners level adjustable structure.

c. Trillion company is the industry’s most professional auto rotary ultrasonic welding machine manufacturers, automatic rotary ultrasonic welding machine according to customer needs, choose a different frequency, different power ultrasound machines.
Automatic rotary ultrasonic welding machine for the industry: Plastic toys, toy guns, plastic phone, game console, aircraft, cartoon tools, PP paper roll holder, plastic pen barrels, computers, cell phones, automotive electrical charge, SD card, electronic watches, musical instruments, video cassette, CD shell, cell phone case, after the car lights, auto mirrors, auto front corner lights, car lights seat, car dashboards, car speakers, car: mug, within the pine box, sealed container seat, power switch boxes, relays, setter, battery case, rectifiers, antenna junction boxes, jewelry punch flowers, key chains, photo frames, acrylic drilling, lighters, glasses boxes, portable flashlight, clock, PP boxes, kitchenware supplies, communications equipment.

3. Automatic rotary ultrasonic welding machine technical parameters:
Machine Model: BM-15ZD20h
Output Power: 2600W 3200W 4200W
Machine frequency: 15KHZ
Input voltage: 220V 50 / 60HZ

Ultrasonic Power 4200 W
Frequency 15 KHz
Power Supply AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Delay Time 0.01-9.99 S
WeldTime 0.01-9.99 S
Hold Time 0.01-9.99 S
Driven Mode Pneumatic
Stroke 75 MM
Welding Area Diameter. 300 MM
Working Pressure 0.4-0.7 MPa
Packing Dimension 1100*900*1900 MM
Gross Weight 450 KGS

Application fields:( Ultrasonic Welding Machine )

Mainly applys to ABS,PC,PE,non-woven,acrylic material,etc.
Some application examples of table-type plastic welder.
1. Auto parts : bumpers, air filters, car audios, foot pads, door panels,clutch forks, car doors, car dashboard,lights,mirrors, sun visor, interior parts, filters, reflective material, reflective spike,bumper, cable,motorcycle plastic filter, radiator , tanks,pallet plates;
2. Electric products : humidifiers, chargers, storage battery, telephones, sockets, flash discs, prepaid water meters, communications equipment, atheism phone, mobile phone accessories, cell phone case, battery case, charger, maintenance valve regulated lead-acid batteries, 3-inch floppy disk, U disk, SD card, CF card, USB connectors,Bluetooth;
3. Medical products : leucocyte filters, accurate liquid medicine filters, blood plasma separating cups, watches, kitchen utensils, oral liquid bottle, drip caps, mobile phone accessories, gold soft brush, daily necessities, health supplies, children’s products, air mattresses, clothes hangers, tool holder, coffee pot, cover and Civil speaker grille metal surface;
4. Packaging and clothing : valve bags, paper cups, dairy food packing cases, bag belts, zippers;
5. Fishing gear : imitated plastic hard fishing baits, plastic fishing floats;
6. Stationery and toys : ink boxes, file folders, name card holders, albums, folder, album, folding boxes,PP hollow board,pen loops,ink cartridges, toner cartridges.




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