1.PLC Control.

2.Can change fixture according to different size parts.

3.Use rotary encoding to track dynamics, check welding depth and precision.

4.Use Pneumatic servo motor to spin welding, rotating speed up to 5000r/min.

5.Applicable for dehydration container, oil filter cup , water spray connector, thermos bladder, thermos cup, spherical toy, paint tube, insulation pot, filter core, buoy, small PE, PP, nylon, PET Round tube or filter element, such as thermos cup, oil filter cup, carburetor, thermos gas bladder, water spray connector, etc.



1.The optical eye is used to track and detect the workpiece to avoid human loss.
2.The machine is controlled by PLC and is controlled by man-machine interface, which is easy for user to operate.
3.Special for plastic parts with rotary diameter below 30cm (non-standard customizable);
4.It has the characteristics of fast speed, good welding effect and beautiful shape.
5.The electric lift body is convenient and quick to adjust the mould.
6.Welding of round or tubular workpieces such as PEP, Nylon PET, etc.

Machine Material Machine skeleton iron
Machine casing iron
Main performance parameters Working frequency Khz 15 or 20
Welding area mm Φ150
Welding time s 0.1-9
Overheat protection °C 80
Welding material PP/PVC/PE or other plastic
Installation requirements Power supply V 220 or customised
Power W 1500
Weight Kg 180
Electrical appliance brand Servo motor TECO or YASKAWA Taiwan,China
Time controller DELIXI Zhejiang,China
Switch Omron Japan
Applicable workshop Any place with eletric source,need to connect air compressor.


Mold & Product

1.Ultrasonic Horn are mainly made by the steels,aluminum or titanium.
2.Design and made the fixture according to customers demand.
3.Professional moulds made team,adopt the CNC machine produce.



Ultrasonic welding machine is widely used in auto industry, electron industry, medical treatment industry, office supply, packaging industry, and toy industry, etc. For example,

Plastic parts of automobile body: car door, automobile instrument, car light and mirror, sun visor, interior trim part, filter, etc.

Reflectorized material: reflectorized spike, fender-guard, inhaul cable, plastic filter for motorcycle, radiator, oil reservoir, oil cup, water tank, fuel tank, air hose, exhaust purifier, and tray filter board, etc.

Plastic electron: prepayment water meter, ammeter, communication apparatus, cordless telephone, accessories of mobile phone, cover of mobile phone, battery case, charger, valve controlled seal maintenance lead-add battery, 3-inch floppy, USB flash disk, SD card, CF card, USB plug-in board, bluetooth, etc.

Toy & stationery: documents folder, photo album, folding box, PP cavity board, pen cover, ink box, toner cartridge, etc.

Medical & daily use: watch, kitchen ware, oral liquid bottle cap, drip bottle cap, anti counterfeit bottle cap, cosmetic bottle cap mobile phone accessories, gold soft brush, toilet articles, children appliance, air mattress, hanger, knife handle, gardening appliance, sanitary fittings, sprinkler, shower head, coffee pot, washing machine, air dryer, electric iron, electric kettle, cleaner, metal cover of loudspeaker box, construction grating, etc.




Enquiry information include product size,drawing and requirements.