Spin welding machine for round parts

1.Applicable for welding cup, oil filter cup, carburetor, bottle, spray joint, etc.

2.Servo motor driving.


Spin welding machine is suitable for welding of tube-like or round shape objects(PE/PP/PET/Nylon) as dewatering joint,engine filter bowl,filter,float gage,ice cup etc.


Spin welding is a process that joins circular thermoplastic parts by bringing the part interfaces together, under pressure, with a circular, spinning motion. One part is held stationary in a fixture, while the other is rotated against it under pressure. The frictional heat that is generated causes the part interfaces to melt and fuse together, creating a strong, hermetic seal.
1. Most suitable for welding sphere and cylinder plastic pieces of any size.
2. Most suitable for welding thermoplastics with low hear conductivity.
3. Cost effecitve and secure, enery efficient.
4. It is easy to set up and operate.
5. Can be configured to manual, semi-automated, or fully- automated.


Spin welding is a welding technique that is used on thermoplastic materials. In this technique, friction is used to heat the parts to be welded. The spin welding machine is the equipment used to spin weld. It applies pressure axially as it rotates one part against another stationary part. Below are the principles behind the technique.



1. Japan Yaskawa servo-driven spin welding system accurate control and highly consistent results.

2. PLC touch screen operation., simple opearation and parameter setting.

3. Main Parts adopt imported Brands with stable performance.

4. New mechanical, electrical and pneumatic designs.

Output Power:
220V 3P 50/60Hz
Air Pressure:
Production Speed:
Welding Diameter:
Machine Dimension:
Machine Net Weight:


Fast, clean
Energy efficient
High productivity with lower cost than many alternate assembly methods
Ease of interface with automated assembly line production.
No need for elaborate ventilation systems to remove fumes or heat



 Applications that can benefit from utilizing the spin welding process include
*Automotive: Fuel system filtration, Air duct, Filter bowls, and Oil fill tube components
*Appliance: Water Valves, Refrigeration water Filtration, and Toilet components
*Irrigation system: sprinklers components
*Pool and Spa: filtration components
*Beverage: dispensing, beverage cups
*Medical: syringes




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