• MBR Membrane Welding Machine

MBR Membrane Plate Hot plate welding Machine

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1.Weld ABS/PP guide plate frame and nonwoven membrane filtration film

2.Welding size: 0.8㎡, 1㎡, 1.2 ㎡, 1.5㎡

3.Machine capacity: 2 shift per day, 8 hours per shift. 300-400pcs/shift.

4.Welding cycle: 2-3min/pcs.

5.Machine size: (L)2150*(W)1500*(H)1950(mm)

6.Power: 380VAC  50/60HZ

7.Heating power: 1-10KW

8.Hot plate upper and lower stroke: 0-220mm

9.Max welding size: 1750*1500(MM)

10.Heating plate use Copper alloy material, temperature stable.





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