Hot Plate Welding Process

Step One:Part halves are placed into and securely gripped by precision holding fixtures which insure adequate support and accurate alignment of the part halves throughout the hot plate welding process.

Step Two:To heat the part joint area, a thermally heated platen is placed between the part halves.  The holding fixtures close to compress and melt the part halves to be welded against the platen, displacing material at the joint area only

Step Three:Compression and material displacement continue until precision hard-stops built into the tooling are met.Thermal heat continues to conduct into the material even though compression and displacement have stopped.

Step Four:After the joint area reaches molten temperature, the holding fixtures open and the heat platen is withdrawn.

Step Five:The holding fixtures then close, forcing the two parts together until hard-stops on the holding fixtures come into contact with one another.

Step Six:When cooling is complete, the gripping mechanism in one of the holding fixtures releases the part, the holding fixtures open and the finished part may be removed.


1. Can be applied to different sizes of the workpiece, no area restrictions;

2. Can be applied to any welding surface, no special requirements;

3. Welding surface can allow plastic balance compensation, welding strength is guaranteed;

4. In accordance with the needs of various materials, adjustable welding procedures;

5. The fixture is fixed to the corresponding upper and lower platen position;

6. In the upper and lower pressure plate under the action of the positioning system, can be high-speed, smooth, no impact to the plastic pieces

Touch the hot die for hot, so that the plastic parts of the material to the molten state;

7. Can be customized according to demand for vertical or parallel hot plate device;

8. The hot mold heating plate and the fixture, the next fixture design into a separate assembly components, easy to install and handling;

9. Horizontal hot plate design equipment, hot plate can be rotated for 90 ° to clean;

10. Equipment stability is good, to ensure consistent welding effect and the workpiece after processing a high degree of precision;

11. Use infrared protection to ensure production safety.

Machine Power 4KW 6KW 8KW
Machine Voltage                                                           110V/220V/380V Customize
Welding Size 400*260MM 600*400MM 1000*500MM
Drive Mode Pneumatic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Max Pressure 800KG 3TON 5TON
Operation Way                                                                   PLC/HMI
Temperature                                                                  0-400℃
Machine Dimension 1100*1050*1820MM 1650*1520*2350MM 2050*1650*2350MM
Machine Net Weight 460KG 800KG 1000KG

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