• Hot plate welding machine for Slot Solar Wafer Cassette

Hot plate welding machine for Slot Solar Wafer Cassette

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1.Can set heating power and fixture size according to part size

2.24 sets of temperature controller to control heating temperature.



1. PLC Control, more convenient operation. English Interface touch screen.
2. The whole set machine CNC parts processing and assembly, precision welding requirement.
3. Hydraulic driven mode to achieve strong welding, water tight and air tight
4. Main parts adopts imported brand, Airtac pneumatic parts, Mitsubishi PLC, etc
5. Precise PID Temperature control. Error of +/-0.5 degrees.
6. Secure protection device optional, safety operation

7. Fast welding jigs change-over, save labor working time

8. Wide application range, meet with CE requirement


High stretch,hermetic weldng effect

can make circular joint on welding line, which is not ok for ultrasonic welding

dissimilar material welding is possible

No consumables,fumes or missions and noise

multistation/multi stage welders

Easy operation, high efficiency, wide cope of application

Achieving watertight and airtight welding

Excellent for welding large or irregular work pieces

PLC control, easy and convenient operation

All the process date can controlled at the computer system, without mistake

Digital PID temperature control function, resulting in more stable welding temperature

Four columns support the design guide to ensure together, the level of accurate and well-bebaved staight strong mechanical structure.

Brand big cylinder pressure to ensure sufficient stability when welding

Welding large surface, by the effect of melting faster than the efficiency of solid good looking

Welding Jigs

Hot plate welding machine can be defined as a welding process that utilizes conduction, convection or radiation via a hot platen to melt to equal halves of the connecting surfaces a thermoplastic section. On completion of melting of the plastic interfaces, they are joined to create a permanent molecular hermetic bond. An adequately designed weld joint done under carefully controlled conditions (overseen by a hot plate welder), has excellent strength that surpasses strength of all other parts of the component. The hot plate process can accommodate parts with an inch of diameter to five feet in length. The process is approximated to take a time of 10 seconds to 20 seconds. Hot Plate Wiffle Ball Welding Machine

Machine Power 4KW 6KW 8KW
Machine Voltage 110V/220V/380V Customize
Welding Size 400*260MM 600*400MM 1000*500MM
Drive Mode Pneumatic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Max Pressure 800KG 3TON 5TON
Operation Way PLC/HMI
Temperature 0-400℃
Machine Dimension 1100*1050*1820MM 1650*1520*2350MM 2050*1650*2350MM
Machine Net Weight 460KG 800KG 1000KG



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