Hot plate welding machine auto glove box

Hot plate welding machine auto glove box

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1.PLC control

2.Machine size: L1250 x W1500 x H1970 mm

3.Machine weight: 650kg

4.Power: 5kw . 220/380V x 1. 50 / 60HZ

5.Welding cycle: 20~40s/pcs

6.Uppwer and lower mold use Chrome plated steel and self-lubricate bearing.



This hot plate plastic welding machine use full Japan panasonic servo motor control , it’s more precision when control the welding depth ,also we can digital view and set the welding depth .also we use quick change mold design ,it can save much time when change new mold .Of course if you have limit on budget ,we can also offer the pneumatic cylinder or hyualic control type .



1. Can be applied to different sizes of the workpiece, no area restrictions;
2. Can be applied to any welding surface, no special requirements;
3. Welding surface can allow plastic balance compensation, welding strength is guaranteed;
4. In accordance with the needs of various materials, adjustable welding procedures;
5. The fixture is fixed to the corresponding upper and lower platen position;
6. In the upper and lower pressure plate under the action of the positioning system, can be high-speed, smooth, no impact to the plastic pieces touch the hot die for hot, so that the plastic parts of the material to the molten state;
7. Can be customized according to demand for vertical or parallel hot plate device;
8. The hot mold heating plate and the fixture, the next fixture design into a separate assembly components, easy to install and handling;
9. Horizontal hot plate design equipment, hot plate can be rotated for 90 ° to clean;
10. Equipment stability is good, to ensure consistent welding effect and the workpiece after processing a high degree of precision;
11. Use infrared protection to ensure production safety.


Machine Power
Machine Voltage
110V/220V/380V Customize
Welding Size
Drive Mode
Max Pressure
Operation Way
Machine Dimension
Machine Net Weight


Suitable for ABS, PP, PE, PS, PC, etc, all kinds of thermoplastic materail welding.
Suitable for Irregular and big size products welding, Water-tight and Air-tight



Widely used in the automotive industry, electronic industry, medical industry, household appliances, woven apparel, office supplies, packaging industry, toy industry and so on.
our plastics joning technologies meet the specialized requirements of a range of applications in a variety of business sectors, delivering products integrity, superior part performance, excellent value and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. We offers customers an eco-friendly cutcome-energy efficient, free from consumables, and recyclable, without chemical adhesives and solvents.

Instrument panels, fuel management components, filter assemblies, lamps,sensors, glove box/knee bolsters, instrument clusters, interior trim, HVAC housings, air intake manifolds, air filters,bottles,carbon canisters, glove box lids, air channels, electronic, door panels, center consoles, fuel tanks, front grilles, air-ducts, cooling system, oil pans.

Surgical tools, diagnostic cassettes, fluidic device, cardiometry reserviors, blood and gas filters, IV spikes, drug delivery system, face masks, implantable device, insulin pumps, surgical gowns, blood donation lits, dialysis tubes, disposable clothing, pump cylinders, blood basins, sensor components, dialysis systems.

Electronic modules, devices and housings, inkjet and toner cartridges, digital cameras, cellphones, media storage devices, battery packs(battery cells), connectors, sensors, portable memory device, micro disks, navigation systems.
Such as plastic body parts, car doors, car dashboard,lights,mirrors, sun visor, interior parts, filters, reflective material, reflective spike,bumper, cable,motorcycle plastic filter, radiator , tanks,pallet plates.

Plastic electronics: prepaid water meters, communications equipment, atheism phone, mobile phone accessories, cell phone


Enquiry information include product size,drawing and requirements.