• Standard ultrasonic welding machine
  • Non-standard automation welding machine
    We also design auomated production line according to customers' requirements.
  • Hot plate welding machine for plastic pallet

Application Industry




Asian’s Leading Solution Provider for plastic & electric welding equipment relying on advanced technology and quality products, We specializing in supply and producing Welding equipment for automobile, electronics, home appliances, packaging, environmental, medical instrument, non-woven, toys, communication equipment industries for our Clients all over the world. With about ten-year rich experience, it has already developed many hi-tech new machines according to the market with good service and quality assurance.

5 Reasons to choose us as suppliers

We start our welding business early in 2013 in a very small factory. We will improve more farther step by step.

  1. Quick Feedback

    Any RFQ and machine problems, we feedback in 24 hours. Customers’ satisfication is our first mission. That’s why we grow stable and farther.

  2. Machine L/T

    We control machine schedule very much. Once PO lock done, we give customers machine schedule (include design L/T, stardard parts purchasing L/T, machining parts L/T, Assembly L/T, Debug L/T) in 48 hours. Customers’ time is our 2nd mission.

  3. Machine Quality

    According to customers’ requirements, we suggest most suitable brand to customers. Before each machine shipment, we need OK production status and do testing about part data to customers. Machine quality is our most important factor why we can be in market.

  4. Machine Cost

    To save customers’ cost is also our task, we have already build long-cooperation with some machining suppliers and standard parts supplier to get better price. Also we keep improving management method to cut down unnecessary cost.

  5. Enough communication with customers

    Communication is very important as we need to understand customers’ requirements and wants totally. Every machine we have DFM to confirm with customers the design , also some other details.